Title and Tag Services

What Should I Bring?

In order for us to be able to transfer your vehicle into the state of Pennsylvania we require the following:


  • Driver’s License – For New Residents click here
  • Pennsylvania Insurance – Contact your insurance company and let them know that you have moved to Pennsylvania and change your insurance to our state. If you don’t’ have insurance click here. Our representative Kiara will assist you with getting insurance for PA.
  • If you don’t have the title because it’s being financed, Click here. A form will open, we ask that you fill it out and send it back to us at counter@autobahntags.com. Once we receive it we will send it out to the lein holder and contact you when we receive the title. The length of time that it takes coming from the lien holder is all dependent on them.
  • Title transfers have no cutoff times, and the same goes for apportions. Please be aware that completing apportions after Penndot hours may result in a delay in processing paperwork

Place is great, owner is awesome and she helped me out a lot. She had a bunch of customers and handled them all with a personable experience. My go to here out.

Kevin - Scranton PA

Other Important Information

Vehicle Titles

We make it fast and easy to transfer ownership of PA titles, along with transferring out-of-state titles into PA. Just check out our FAQ’s section to learn more by clicking here


Vehicle Registration

Pennsylvanians are required to annually update their vehicle registration. At Autobahn Title & Tag , simply bring your valid insurance documentation for the specific vehicle and provide the odometer reading, and we’ll expedite your registration renewal instantly.

(If you don’t have insurance, contact Kiara at KWT by clicking here )

Upon your visit, you will receive:

  • A brand-new Registration Card
  • A fresh Plate, if needed

If you’ve misplaced, had your registration card or plate stolen, or never received them, there’s no need to fret. Just drop by Autobahn Title & Tag with a valid driver’s license, and we’ll assist you.



In Pennsylvania, all motor vehicles are required to possess a license plate issued by an authorized PennDOT Center, which must be prominently displayed on the rear of the vehicle.

Pennsylvania drivers can obtain personalized plates (often referred to as vanity plates) and Special Fund plates from Northeast Title and Tags. Vanity plates are limited to a maximum of 7 characters. If you wish to check plate availability, feel free to visit any Northeast Title and Tag location.

Organizational license plates are exclusively offered through the organizations that sponsor them. It’s important to note that Organizational plates are not accessible at Northeast Title and Tag facilities.

For Classic Plates, the vehicle must be older than 15 years, determined by the year of manufacture, and must be maintained or restored to its original condition.

Antique Plates require the vehicle to be over 25 years old, based on the year of manufacture, and also maintained or restored to its original state.

There are other plate options available as well, including Disability License Plates, Amateur Radio Operator plates, Press Photographer Plates, and Military Veteran Plates.