Everyone makes mistakes, even while behind the wheel. But if you’ve done your due diligence by paying your traffic ticket and/or taking a traffic school course, you’d think you can put the whole thing in the rearview… right?

WRONG.  Driving record mistakes happen more often than you think, and erroneous traffic tickets can remain on your driving history without you even realizing it. This can result in sky-high insurance rates and even major consequences like a suspended license. So what’s a      responsible driver to do?

It’s simple: Check your driving record often. You’ll be able to see any violations, points, credits, and course completions—and also identify if things are missing or remaining that shouldn’t be.       Requesting your driving record from your state DMV or from an expedited third-party service can save you years of hassle and hundreds of dollars.

Most of us have never pulled a copy of our driver history in our lives, and it could end up costing us. That’s why our experts at DMV.ORG have put together guides on when to order your driving recordhow to read it when it arrives, and tips on how to clear it if need be. And for information specific to driving records in your state, just click this link for more details.