Long-time customer? Make sure you’re getting rewarded.

Here at DMV.ORG, we’re always trying to help you find the best insurance rate that maximizes your protection as well as your savings. Often, this means comparing providers and switching to the one offering the best rates to compete for your business… but sometimes, being a loyal customer can pay off in a big way.

Because the market is so competitive,  many insurance providers offer renewal discounts to keep you from jumping ship. Examples of auto insurance renewal discounts you may qualify for include:

  • Early renewal discounts
  • Tenure discounts (i.e., deeper      savings the longer you remain a customer)

How much you save depends on how your insurance provider structures its renewal discount. Most will provide a percentage off your total premium, but some may apply a flat fee discount.

When shopping for car insurance, it’s important to explore beyond the initial quote you receive—while some insurers will give you a cheap premium off the bat, others may provide overall better savings down the line in the form of renewal discounts, good driver discountsgood student discounts, and more. DMV.ORG can help you compare quotes from dozens of providers in your area to find the maximum savings you and your family deserve.  

So contact our friends over at Kommerical Insurance and have your policy evaluated today!