I can recall it vividly as if it happened just yesterday.

Half a decade ago, I found myself employed at a work-from-home call center, working a regular job with a W2, earning $11.50 per hour.

Then came the dreaded call that no one ever wants to receive: “You’re being laid off because your job is being outsourced overseas.”

That was the moment I knew I had to take a leap of faith.

I started my journey by offering notary services at a meager rate of $5 per document, as my husband, Glynn, kept receiving inquiries about notarizations. Over time, I expanded my services to include mobile notaries, catering to those unable to visit the office, as well as handling mobile notaries for Home Equity Loans and more. The income wasn’t exceptional, but I persevered. One day, Glynn received calls asking if he provided Title and Tag services, and he promptly directed those inquiries to me, recognizing an opportunity. Encouraged by my stepson, Glynn David, who insisted I try again after failing the test initially, I pushed through and ultimately passed.

Once I acquired the ability to handle title and tag matters, my range of services expanded significantly. I started handling Apportions, ATVs, Boats, EZ Pass, Fishing & Hunting Licenses, and more. However, the pandemic dealt a severe blow to my business, forcing it to shut down for three months. To navigate through those challenging times, I ventured into the travel agency field, which eventually led me to assist people with passport applications.

And now, here we are today. The next chapter awaits, but that will be announced separately.

To all the customers who have supported us throughout these past five years, I extend my heartfelt gratitude. To our extended family (the Murphys and Piccolino’s), thank you for standing by our side.

To my rock, partner, and best friend, Glynn, thank you for your unwavering support through it all. And to my stepson, Glynn, there are no words to express how deeply thankful I am for the extra encouragement you provided. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Happy 5th anniversary, Autobahn Title & Tag. We stand strong after five years, and there’s more to come.